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At Valor Homefront, we recognize and deeply appreciate the invaluable support of our community. To honor the contributions of our esteemed donors, we've established a tiered sponsorship system that reflects the dedication and commitment of our military forces. From the 'Private's Pledge' to the esteemed 'Commander's Club', each level offers a range of acknowledgments and exclusive benefits. By choosing to contribute, you not only aid in our mission but also join an esteemed group of supporters, each vital to our cause. Your generous donation, regardless of its size, makes a monumental difference. Explore our military-themed sponsorship levels and discover the impactful benefits associated with each tier. 100% of all donations go directly to our services to Veterans in need.

Whether you choose to make a one-time contribution or stand with us through recurring donations, each gesture strengthens our resolve and broadens our impact. Recurring donations provide us with a predictable foundation, allowing for sustainable planning and long-term projects. Meanwhile, one-time donations offer immediate resources, addressing urgent needs. Every donation, be it once or ongoing, is a testament to your belief in our mission and the community we serve.



1. Private's Pledge - $100

Tax Benefits: Enjoy tax deductions thanks to our 501(c)(3) status.

Valor Homefront T-shirt: Wear your support with pride.

Social Media Recognition: Celebrate your generosity with a shareable shoutout on our Facebook page.


2. Sergeant's Support - $500

All benefits from Private's Pledge.

Official Donor List Recognition: Feature your name on our official donor list on the Valor Homefront website.


3. Captain's Commitment - $1,000

All benefits from previous levels.

Business Logo Display: Showcase your logo prominently on our website.

Proud Sponsor Display: A display certificate for your business location, signifying your support.


4. Major's Membership - $2,500

All benefits from previous levels.

Veteran Home Project Logo Display: Your business logo on yard signs at all our Veteran home repair and improvement projects.


5. Colonel's Circle - $5,000

All benefits from previous levels.

Custom Donor Press Release: A tailored press release, spread across our website and social media platforms.


6. General's Guild - $10,000

All benefits from previous levels.

Prominent Trailer Logo Display: Your logo on our trailer, which is showcased at every project, community event, and journey on the road.


7. Commander's Club - $10,000+

All benefits from previous levels.

Priority Trailer Logo Placement: Premium logo placement on our trailer for maximum visibility.

Logo on Valor Homefront Apparel: Prominent logo display on our t-shirts and other apparel.


Your commitment at every level supports our mission to aid and honor Veterans. Every donation, whether big or small, powers our cause and brings positive change to the lives of those we serve.

*Donation Tiers expire one calendar year after donation date.*

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