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The Power of Ramps and Honoring a Beautiful Spirit: Sarah's Tribute to Veterans

Introduction: Some gestures resonate deeply, revealing tales of compassion, remembrance, and an unyielding love for our Veterans. Today, Valor Homefront was touched by two monumental acts of generosity: a crucial donation of ramps and a heartfelt tribute dedicated to the memory of Sarah N. DeShane-Sarber, a beautiful spirit who had immense love for our nation's military and our Veterans.

The Gift of Mobility: In the world of Veterans, ramps are more than just physical structures. They represent autonomy, dignity, and a bridge to a more accessible life. Today's donation of aluminum modular ramps will undoubtedly become pathways of freedom for many, turning daily challenges into journeys of ease.

An Exchange of Heart: The benevolent donor of these invaluable ramps made a simple request: the creation of wooden steps to replace them. This wasn't just about constructing a wooden structure; it was an endeavor to give back, ensuring the ramps' true value was genuinely recognized and honored.

Sarah's Touch: In this backdrop of generosity, the heartwarming contribution from a local family stood out, ensuring that Sarah's admiration for Veterans lived on. Their donation, dedicated in memory of their beloved Sarah, allowed us to meet the donor's request by building the necessary wooden steps. It's more than just financial aid; it's a beacon, illuminating our path with Sarah's love and passion for Veterans.

The Hands That Build: Guided by these acts of kindness, three passionate volunteers took the helm. With a mix of skill, dedication, and a common drive, they transformed raw materials into a testament of community spirit and a fitting tribute to our Veterans. To see a video of our team in action, click HERE.

A Promising Tomorrow: As the sun sets on today's achievements, we eagerly look to tomorrow. We'll be joining hands with Kent County Veteran's Services, aiming to find a deserving Veteran whose life can be uplifted by these aluminum ramps, letting Sarah's legacy and our community's love forge a brighter path.

Conclusion: The unwavering support and love shown to Valor Homefront today have been truly heartening. As we move ahead, every step we take is a testament to Sarah's memory and the collective affection our community holds for Veterans.

Volunteers disassembling a handicapped access ramp
Team Valor Volunteers disassemble an aluminum modular ramp donation.

A volunteer preparing a handicapped ramp for disassembly and transport
Our volunteer teams work diligently to secure handicapped access ramps for the Veterans of our community

Volunteers building ramps
Team Valor builds a new set of stairs to replace the donated aluminum handicapped access ramps.

Wooden stairs
New wooden replacement stairs looking great

Aluminum handicapped ramps
The Valor Homefront aluminum handicapped access ramp donation is secured and ready for delivery to a local Veteran in need.

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